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The Paterson Plank Ramp Toll Adjustment has taken effect for E-ZPass customers in nine Hudson County municipalities

Jun 07 2022

The Paterson Plank Ramp Toll Adjustment for E-ZPass Customers in nine Hudson County municipalities took effect on June 1, 2022.

When the Turnpike Authority reconfigured the Interchange 16E/18E toll plaza in 2021, drivers who wanted to exit to Secaucus via the Paterson Plank Road Ramp had to use Interchange 18E instead of Interchange 16E. As result, they were charged a higher toll rate.

The Turnpike Authority Commissioners voted in February to adjust the tolls at 18E for E-ZPass customers who live near the ramp in one of the nine “Hometown Municipalities.” Those customers will be charged the rate for 16E when they exit at 18E.

Additional details about the toll adjustment can be found in the minutes of the February 22, 2022, Commissioners’ meeting.

This adjustment is applied automatically to tolls incurred at Interchange 18E by E-ZPass customers whose billing address is in one of the Hometown Municipalities. There is no need to sign up.