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Roadside Assistance

Knowing what to do and who to call when your vehicle breaks down along the Garden State Parkway will save you time and help keep you safe. Dialing #GSP on  your cell phone will connect you to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's Operations Center in Woodbridge. A dispatcher there will send an authorized service vehicle to assist you. 

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Dial #GSP / #477

If your vehicle becomes disabled:

  • Move your vehicle off the roadway to the shoulder on the right.
  • If you don’t have a cell phone, turn on your hazard lights and wait for a State Police patrol. If you have a white handkerchief or some other bright cloth, display it on the outside of your vehicle, on the side facing traffic, to signal that you are in need of assistance.
  • For your safety and the safety of others, do not attempt to flag down passing vehicles. Picking up or discharging persons on the Parkway is illegal.
  • Do not attempt to cross the highway. Do not walk along the shoulder.
  • If you want to make your own repairs, be mindful of the danger posed by the passing traffic. If possible, use cones, flares or reflective emergency signs.

Towing And Recovery Rates For Authorized Parkway Garages

Only authorized garages are allowed to provide towing and roadside assistance on the Parkway. The Turnpike Authority regulates the maximum rate our authorized providers may charge for those services.

General Towing and Road Service — Providers and Rates

General Driving Tips

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    Not all toll plazas are staffed at all hours of all days. If you do not have E-ZPass, make sure you have enough coins to pay your tolls. 

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    Do not stop your vehicle in the active lanes of travel.

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    Do not attempt to travel on the shoulder of the roadway.

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    Remember: New Jersey law requires you to wear a seatbelt and refrain from talking on a handheld cell phone.

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    Remember to turn on your headlights whenever you use your windshield wipers. New Jersey law requires you to do so.

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    Don’t drive in heavy fog if you don’t have to. Consider postponing your trip until the fog clears. If you must drive, turn on your low beams. Never drive with your high beams or just your parking or fog lights.