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Traffic Permits

The use of the NJTA's right of way for any purpose other than travel is forbidden without a traffic permit. Here are the links and details you need to apply for one.

To request a permit, fill out a Traffic Permit Application in its entirety, including the indemnification page. The application should be accompanied by any associated plans, maps, details, etc. that further identify the proposed work. The materials should be sent to the Authority as follows:

Return application to the Engineering Department Planning Section for these activities:

  • Construction contract activities
  • License to Cross construction
  • Utility Order construction
  • Right-of-way activity
  • Survey work

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

P.O. Box 5042
Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042

Attention: Paul Saenger, Engineering Technician, Planning

Fax: Engineering/Planning — 732-750-5395

Return Traffic Permit Application to the Operations Coordinator, Operations Department, for these activities:

  • Photography or video of the roadway
  • Traffic counts

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

P.O. Box 5042
Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042

Attention: Mark Vitale, Operations Coordinator

Fax: Operations — 732-293-1171

The Authority's review will begin once the completed application and certificates of insurance are received. It will take at least a week to process an application. The Operations Department will issue a Traffic Permit once the application is approved.

Please note that the insurance coverage identified in the Traffic Permit Application is the minimum amount required by the Authority. Depending upon the circumstances and/or conditions of work, the Authority's Law Department reserves the right to modify the insurance requirements for a particular permit.

A copy of the Traffic Permit with respective insurance must be in the possession of the applicant at all times when the applicant is occupying Turnpike Authority property.

If an extension beyond the Traffic Permit expiration date is required, it is the applicant's responsibility to obtain the appropriate insurance certificates and contact the appropriate department to request the extension. Please allow at least a week for the processing of extension requests.