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Temporary closure of Vince Lombardi truck lot postponed until next week

Feb 12 2020

The temporary full closure of the truck lot at the Vince Lombardi Service Area has been postponed until next week.

The lot closure is being done in connection with the ongoing reconstruction project at the service area. Half of the truck lot has been closed since last week. The other half was scheduled to close at 9 a.m. tomorrow but will now remain open until 10 p.m. on Feb. 21st.

At that time, no vehicles will be permitted to park in the lots at Vince Lombardi. That includes passenger vehicles. All lots will be closed. The limited parking for passenger vehicles will reopen on Feb. 22nd. The truck lot is scheduled to reopen on Feb. 25th.

The temporary restrooms and food trucks will be available onsite when the passenger lot reopens .

The Vince Lombardi Service Area is located between the Eastern and Western Spurs of the New Jersey Turnpike in Ridgefield Borough. The main service area facility has been closed to the public since September 2019. The old building and fuel facilities were demolished, and new ones are under construction.  The new facility is scheduled to open this spring.