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Text message scam targets New Jersey tollpayers

Apr 27 2024

A text messaging scam designed to trick drivers into entering their banking or credit card information into a bogus website is now targeting New Jersey drivers.

The text message, which claims to be from “NJ Turnpike toll services,” directs drivers to click a link to pay an outstanding toll balance in order to avoid a late fee. NJ Turnpike toll services is not associated with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or any other toll agency in the New Jersey E-ZPass Group. The outstanding toll balances described in the text messages are not real. Drivers who receive text messages from NJ Turnpike toll services should delete them without clicking on the link. And drivers who have clicked the link and filled out the form should immediately contact their bank or credit card provider.

Similar scams have been reported recently by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and other U.S. tolling agencies. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority received the first inquiries from drivers who have received the NJ Turnpike toll services messages on Thursday, April 11th.

This scam does not appear to target New Jersey E-ZPass customers. The bogus text messages are being sent to phone numbers in New Jersey area codes regardless of whether the recipients are E-ZPass account holders.

Drivers who believe they have received one of the bogus text messages can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission at