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E-ZPass Information

E-ZPass made its debut in New Jersey in 1999 when it became operational at the Garden State Parkway toll plaza now known as Pascack Valley. It was introduced on the Turnpike the following year. The technology has been embraced enthusiastically by our patrons. More than 80 percent of all toll transactions on the Turnpike and Parkway are now paid with E-ZPass.


E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that will save you time and money.



You open an E-ZPass account and make an initial deposit of at least $25. We supply you with an E-ZPass tag. You mount the tag to your car. You begin choosing the clearly marked E-ZPass lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, or on any of six dozen other toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in the U.S. equipped with E-ZPass. The equipment reads your tag as you go by. And the appropriate toll is automatically deducted from your account balance.

You save time and fuel because you don't need to wait in line to pay your toll.

And you save money because of discounts available only to New Jersey E-ZPass customers. Those include the Senior Discount for drivers 65 years of age and older and the Green Discount for drivers whose vehicles meet strict fuel economy and emissions standards. Check the Toll Rates page for details about those and other discounts available only to New Jersey E-ZPass customers.

E-ZPass Senior Discount Form



Sign up for your own E-ZPass account today.

Or, if you are already enjoying the many benefits of E-ZPass, visit the New Jersey E-ZPass website for all the tools you need to manage your account.

Speaking of managing your account, New Jersey E-ZPass currently does not offer a mobile app for that purpose. While third-party developers do offer apps designed to let you manage your E-ZPass account, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority urges you not to provide your E-ZPass account credentials to any third-party. The New Jersey E-ZPass website is mobile-friendly, and you should be able to manage your account by logging in on your smartphone.