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Tolls - Toll Collector

Job Opportunity
Toll Collector
New Jersey Turnpike Authority


Works under the direction of a Toll Plaza Supervisor, Assistant Section Chief or Section Chief fulfilling the duties and · responsibilities as outlined in the Toll Collector's Manual, in order that proper tolls are collected and traffic is expedited.


  1. Performs and is responsible for classifying and collecting tolls (currency, scrip, tickets, and other) from patrons.
  2. Performs and is responsible for the accounting of personally collected or assigned funds (see procedure manual).
  3. Performs and is responsible for maintaining good public relations with patrons of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.
  4. Performs and is responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of the current toll collection operating procedures.
  5. Performs and is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of assigned property owned by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.
  6. Performs and is responsible for adequate notification to the proper location where lateness or absence will occur.
  7. In addition, in an emergency, a Toll Collector should exercise his own best judgment in handling situations which might arise for which no procedure is prescribed.
  8. Will direct all patron complaints to his supervisor where assigned, or directly to the Authority.

See manual for other interpersonal communications functions


  1. High School graduate or equivalent.
  2. Must pass pre-screening testing.
  3. Must Possess a valid driver's license.


Must be able to enter, exit and circumambulate toll booth and toll plaza vicinity quickly and safely due to continuous flow of traffic. Must be able to lift tickets, money, or supplies weighing 20 pounds or greater. Must be able to stand for periods of greater than two hours in one position and the ability to walk up and down two flights of stairs. Must be able to Work in confined spaces of 7'8" long, 3'8" wide. Must possess visual acuity of 20/50 in one or both eyes (with or without glasses). Must have adequate hearing (better than 71 decibels in the better ear, average 500, 1000, 2000 Hz).

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