Current Capital Projects

Under a 10-year, $7 billion capital program adopted in 2008, the NJTA has expanded capacity, repaired deteriorating bridges, reconfigured entrance and exit ramps, improved maintenance yards and toll plazas, and expanded the use of technology for collecting and communicating information about roadway conditions. Descriptions of ongoing projects appear on this page. For more detailed descriptions, read the current Capital Project & Investment Plan.


  • Location: Essex and Hudson counties
  • Description: The bridge deck is being replaced in multiple phases between Interchanges 14 and 14A.
  • Schedule: Construction on the first phase began in 2010 and is now complete. Construction on the second phase, Contract No. T100.381, began mid-2016 and will be completed in 2019. The next Contract No. T100.184 is scheduled to begin in early-2019 and will be completed in 2022.
  • Location: Hudson Counties
  • Description: The bridge deck is being replaced in multiple phases along this 2.2 mile long viaduct between Interchange 14C and the eastern terminus at Jersey Avenue approaching the Holland Tunnel.  The scope of work also involves structural strengthening and repairs, structural steel repainting, lighting and drainage improvements, and approach roadway repairs of the five viaduct and two ramp structures located within the project limits.  The westbound roadway work was addressed under Contract No. T100.125, and the eastbound roadway work from Interchange 14C to the Columbus Drive Exit Ramp is being addressed under Contract No. T100.321.  Work at the remaining bridges will be addressed under a future contract.
  • Schedule: Construction on the first phase, under Contract No. T100.125, started in late 2012 and was completed in September 2016.  Construction on the next phase, under Contract No. T100.321, started in late 2017 and is scheduled to be completed in late 2020.
  • Further Information: To learn more about the proposed project, please read the presentation from the January 2017 Public Information Center held at James J. Ferris High School in Jersey City or visit the public outreach website for the project. 
  • Location: Hudson County
  • Description: The toll plaza will be widened from 11 to 13 lanes. The single-lane ramp from the interchange to the westbound Hudson County Extension will be widened to two lanes. The two-lane connector bridge between the interchange and Route 440, Route 185 and Port Jersey Boulevard will be replaced with a four-lane structure. A flyover ramp will be built to connect the interchange to Port Jersey Boulevard. The traffic signal at East 53rd Street will be eliminated. And a roundabout will be built to maintain access to the interchange.
  • Schedule: Construction began in 2015 and is scheduled to be completed in 2018.
  • Further Information: Project documents, traffic advisories, construction updates and a trove of other information is available on the project website, www.njta14a.com


  • Location: Atlantic and Cape May counties
  • Description: A new southbound span was built to the west of the existing southbound span over Great Egg Harbor Bay and Drag Channel and the nearby Beesley’s Point Bridge on Route 9 was demolished. Work is underway to rehabilitate the existing northbound span. The old southbound spans will be demolished.
  • Schedule: Construction of the new southbound span and demolition of the Beesley’s Point Bridge were completed in 2016. The rehabilitation of the northbound span began in late 2016 and is scheduled to continue until 2019.
  • Further Information: To learn more about the project, read the Presentation or the Handout from the September 2012 public hearing. To learn more about the history of the Great Egg Habor crossing, click here
  • Location: Atlantic, Burlington, and Ocean counties
  • Description: The Parkway will be widened from two to three lanes in each direction. Express E-ZPass was added at the Barnegat Toll Plaza.
  • Schedule: The project is being built in phases. Construction on the first phase of the widening (adding a lane in each direction between Mileposts 63 and 80 and installing Express E-ZPass at the Barnegat Toll Plaza) was completed in May 2011. Construction on the second phase (adding a lane in each direction from Mileposts 48 to 63 and making grading and drainage improvements from mileposts 30 to 48) began in 2011. The new lanes were completed and fully opened to traffic in 2015. Construction on the third phase of the Widening (Mileposts 35 to 48) began in 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The third lane between mileposts 42 and 48 was opened to traffic in June 2016.
  • Further Information: Garden State Parkway Widening Project   /   Phase 3 Public Hearing Handout   /  Phase 3 Public Hearing Record
  • Location: Atlantic County
  • Description: This project will improve traffic operations at these closely grouped interchanges by adding a deceleration lane on the southbound Parkway and an acceleration lane on Tilton Road at Interchange 36 and by separating the traffic entering the Parkway at Interchange 38 (Atlantic City Expressway) from traffic exiting the Parkway at Interchange 37 (Washington Avenue CR 608).
  • Schedule: The interchange improvements are included in a construction contract awarded in October 2014. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2018.
  • Further Information: Project Information Sheet    /    Map of the Proposed Improvements    /    Milepost 35 to Milepost 38 Public
  • Location: Monmouth County
  • Description: This project is intended to improve access to and from the Parkway at Interchange 105 as well as safety and operations at the Hope Road/NJ Route 36 intersection. The improvements include a new southbound connection from the Parkway outer roadway to Wayside Road, the addition of a second northbound deceleration lane from the Parkway outer roadway to Interchange 105 and the reconstruction of the Hope Road/NJ Route 36 intersection.
  • Schedule: The Hope Road / NJ Rte. 36 portion of the project was completed in 2015. Construction of the Wayside Road portion of the project began in 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2018.
  • Further Information: To learn more, please read the November 2012 Public Hearing Flyer.
  • Location: Monmouth County
  • Description: Interchange 109 is the connection between the Garden State Parkway and Newman Springs Road (CR 520). During peak travel periods, congestion causes traffic exiting onto northbound Newman Springs Road to back up from the exit ramp onto the northbound Parkway. As currently planned, the improvements include eliminating the existing eastbound jug handle at Half Mile Road and constructing an eastbound entrance loop ramp and bridge over Newman Springs Road to the northbound Parkway.
  • Schedule: The project is in design. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018.
  • Further Information: Project Handout / Public Hearing Record
  • Location: Middlesex County
  • Description: This partial interchange will be completed to provide full access between the Parkway and Chevalier Avenue in Sayreville in order to accommodate existing traffic volumes and future growth resulting from the development of the waterfront. The work includes the replacement of bridges on the mainline of the Parkway, improvements to the local roadways, a new northbound Parkway entrance, a reconfigured southbound Parkway entrance, and a new southbound Parkway exit.
  • Schedule: Construction began in 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in 2019.
  • Further Information:  December 2015 Public Hearing Report  /  December 2015 Public Hearing Flyer  /  April 2016 Public Hearing Report on Modification to Toll Rate Schedule
  • Location: Essex County
  • Description: The Central Avenue Bridge over the Garden State Parkway will be replaced with a longer bridge to provide a two-lane entrance ramp from the I-280 toll plaza to the southbound Parkway. That will allow for the relocation of the bridge abutments and elimination of the center pier in the median between the northbound and southbound Parkway, allowing for two standard width northbound deceleration lanes from the Parkway to the I-280 toll plaza.
  • Schedule: Construction began in the summer of 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2022
  • Further Information: Project WebsiteProject Handout / Public Hearing Record